TA Engineering Inc. has the expertise to consider technical, regulatory and financial project considerations. Complex problems often require an analysis of environmental rules, utility rate tariffs and/or rebate programs, energy services contracts, and performance contracting/energy project financing.

TA Engineering, Inc. has special expertise in analyzing air pollutants from combustion sources. We have prepared industry-wide control technology documents for industry associations and numerous detailed application analyses for individual clients. Federal, state and local regulations have been analyzed. Rules considered include New Source Review (NSR), Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD), and National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for NOx (ozone), SOx, CO and particulate matter. TA Engineering, Inc. staff has prepared emissions inventories, regulatory permit applications, and regulatory analyses for boilers, cement kilns, and internal combustion engines, and have modeled air pollutant transport.

TA Engineering, Inc. has design engineering experience with both state of the art and conventional energy technologies. Having worked with the entire range of "competing" electric, gas, and alternate energy source technologies, TA Engineering offers clients a well-balanced understanding of applications issues. We have evaluated various energy-efficient and cost effective technologies including high efficiency electric centrifugal chillers, thermal (ice) storage, high- and low-pressure steam absorption, and direct gas-fired absorption chillers. TA Engineering, Inc. has also analyzed and developed designs for innovative strategies, such as cogeneration and peak shaving. This breadth of practical experience from off-the-shelf to emerging technologies allows clients to consider implementation of state-of-the art engineered systems, where they make economic sense.

TA Engineering, Inc. staff has served in every phase of technology development, including proof-of-concept analysis, laboratory testing, prototype development, field test design and execution, and pilot plant design and construction.
Our staff can clearly and convincingly present project results in a variety of settings. We have organized workshops, published papers and presented project results before technical societies, trade associations, and the general public. We have organized and directed technology transfer workshops to review and/or disseminate information and ideas.

We investigate the feasibility of market introduction of innovative technologies. For example, we examined the market for high efficiency refrigeration technologies in the supermarket industry. Technologies considered included high efficiency compressors, floating head pressure controls, non-electric coil defrost techniques, and high efficiency display case lighting.

A central element of TA Engineering, Inc. project management is the involvement of Principals throughout a project’s life. Principals are involved in data collection, systems analysis, concept engineering, and project documentation phases. Principal involvement assures our clients the highest quality product achievable.